2023 Eaton Downtown Revitalization Plan

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eaton revitalization cover photo

The Eaton Town Board approved the final Downtown Revitalization Plan to redevelop 1st Street! Creating a thriving downtown core is a goal of the 2020 Town of Eaton Comprehensive plan. Now, with funding, the Eaton Hometown Revitalization Committee will work alongside the community and Town planners to develop a phased redevelopment plan for downtown Eaton! 

During the April 20, 2023, Town Board Meeting, the Board approved both amending the Comprehensive Plan to incorporate the Downtown Revitalization Plan and approved the Downtown Streetscape Improvement Agreement and design plan submitted by Northern Engineering. 

Through the Eaton Hometown Revitalization Committee, the Town of Eaton has contracted with Baseline Engineering to develop a new downtown streetscape. 

Read the Town of Eaton Downtown Revitalization Plan to see the conceptual plans and learn more!