Permit Process Resumes for ALLO Fiber Construction Project

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(EATON, CO) - After thorough evaluation and discussion, the Town will end its moratorium on processing permits with ALLO to construct a fiber network in Eaton. The end of the moratorium comes after reviewing permitting requirements, additional community engagement, and restoring damaged public and private property. Moving forward, ALLO will substantially reduce the number of installation crews working in the community to establish a more sustainable construction pace that will result in fewer disruptions, an increased ability to navigate adverse impacts, and greater oversight. To reinforce clear communication, ALLO will provide the Town with weekly updates and recurring meetings to review work and address concerns. Additionally, ALLO will reimburse Eaton for damages to the irrigation system from boring in the Maplewood neighborhood as a part of their restoration commitment.

We appreciate ALLO's receptiveness to staff and the community’s concerns and their willingness to adjust their operations moving forward. If you have concerns or questions concerning ALLO, please contact their dedicated customer service center at 1-866-481-2556. Your concerns and complaints will be entered into a log and tracked until resolution. A weekly summary will be provided to the Town.


Town of Eaton:

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