Library Board

Regular board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month. Each of these meetings are open to the public.

This Month's Board Packet: January

Board President Michael Yancey

Board President: Michael Yancey
Term Expires: July 2025

Vice President Emily Wallen

Vice President: Emily Wallin
Term Expires: May 2028

Secretary Nomie Ketterling

Secretary: Nomie Ketterling
Term Expires: December 2025

Trustee Andy Morehead

Trustee: Andrew Morehead
Term Expires: August 2024

Trustee Julie Damrell

Trustee: Julie Damrell
Term Expires: July 2024

Trustee Nicole

Trustee: Nicole LaBore
Term Expires: August 2028

Trustee Andrew Chadwick

Trustee: Andrew Chadwick
Term Expires: May 2026

Eaton Public Library Board Members

The Eaton Public Library Board