Town Parks and Reservations

A park in Eaton, Colorado

The Town of Eaton maintains many parks across the town, which provide many amenities to residents. The Town also has more parks currently in development. The Town, Eaton School District RE-2, and Eaton Area Parks and Recreation District work together to make these amenities available for exercise, athletic events, recreation, community events, and family gatherings.

Park shelters at City Park and the fire pit area at Town Square can be reserved for any day of the calendar year beginning on January 1st of that year, with the exception of Eaton Community Days. Parks are free to reserve and the fire pit is free to have turned on, but a $10 fee applies if you wish to have electricity (available at the Town Square and City Park, west shelter does not have electricity). To reserve a park shelter or the fire pit please fill out the following form below and return it to town hall. In addition, please read all of the rules and regulations listed in the form below. If you have any questions please call the clerk's office at 970-454-3338.

Town Square/Parks and Fire Pit Rental Form

Eaton Town Square/Parks Rules and Regulations


City Park Reservation Form and Rules

Park Shelter Reservation

Park Shelter Reservation Rules & Regulations


Eaton Town Square
5 Maple Ave, Eaton, CO 80615

The newest park to be added in town, it is located on the north side of Collins Street between Elm and Maple Avenues. The Town Square features a central arbor that houses a large gas fire pit and many benches. The arbor and fire pit can be rented at no cost by making a reservation. Future additions to the park will include multiple park shelters that will be available for reservations.

City Park
S Cottonwood Ave, Eaton, CO 80615

Located next to Eaton Middle School at Park Ave and 3rd Street, City Park is the traditional old-town park. With large trees, 3 picnic pavilions available for rent, a playground, horseshoe pits, and a softball backstop among the amenities. City Park is used by many for family outings, church picnics, and class reunions. The park is the center of activity for the Eaton Community Days celebration each July.

Centennial Park
Co Rd 74, Eaton, CO 80615 (intersection of Cherry Avenue and Collins Street)

Centennial Park is located near the intersection of Cherry Avenue and Collins Street. Amenities include a basketball court and playground equipment. This park is a popular spot for folks to come have a game of football or soccer as it sports a large grass area. Off-street parking is available at this location on the north side of Collins Street.

Hawkstone Park
1080 Hawkstone Dr, Eaton, CO 80615

Hawkstone park is located in the Hawkstone subdivision in the northeast section of town, it is encircled by Hawkstone Drive and Eagle Drive. This 11-acre park has many amenities including large open play areas, playground equipment, 9 benches arranged along a 1-mile walking trail, and a 2-acre lake.

Eaton Commons Park
441 Willow Ave, Eaton, CO 80615

The park at Eaton Commons is located just west of the subdivision along the Eaton draw, at the intersection of East 5th Street and Willow Avenue. Willow avenue runs along the eastern park boundary. Eaton Commons park amenities include a picnic area with playground equipment, two soccer fields of varying sizes, and two youth baseball fields.

Eaton Educational Open Space
Intersection of Collins Street and Park Avenue 

Located on the South end of the Collins Street and Park Avenue intersection, this park was once solely a drainage pond serving as an area for overflow from the historic part of town. The town received grant funds to turn it into a natural learning space. Native and xeric plants, trees, and grasses were planted to minimize water usage. Educational materials will be placed around the area to teach residents about native and xeric plants that can be used at home to reduce water consumption.

Benjamin Eaton Memorial Park
Co Rd 74, Eaton, CO 80615 (Intersection of Collins Street and Elm Avenue)

Benjamin Eaton Memorial Park is located at the corner of Collins Street and Elm Avenue, at the entrance to the Maplewood subdivision. This area is dedicated to the memory of Governor Benjamin Eaton, the founder of our community and Colorado's 3rd Governor. At the corner of the park is a statue of Governor Eaton. The park is also home to the Eaton Memorial for Veteran's on the East side of the area.

Maplewood Park
Intersection of South Elm Avenue and Colorado Parkway 

Maplewood Park, at the south end of the subdivision, is bounded by South Elm Avenue and Colorado Parkway. This area is a detention pond for stormwater but the large grass area makes it ideal for a great pickup game of soccer or football and playground equipment.

Railroad Park
Oak Ave, Eaton, CO 80615

Railroad Park sits along US Highway 85, stretching from 3rd Street to 5th Street, next to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. This was once the site of Eaton's historic railroad station. There are no amenities at this park but there is off-highway parking for travelers who want to stretch their legs and enjoy the shade afforded by the trees.

Old Tower Park
5th St, Eaton, CO 80615

As the name suggests, this was the site of the old Eaton water tower, at the intersection of Elm and 5th Street. While the park has no amenities it is an attractive area across the highway from the Railroad park.