Licenses, Fees, and Charges

You can also click here to fill out an online copy of the Business License Application and click here to fill out an online copy of the Home Occupation Certificate Form.

A business license is imposed with a fee for the privilege of carrying on or engaging in any business, profession, or occupation within the Town limits. Business, profession, or occupation consists of the selling of goods, wares, merchandise, or service, the performing or rendering of service, for a charge, and the carrying on or engaging in any occupation. A new license will be in effect with a payment of $20.00 until the end of the year, December 31st, and shall be renewed on or before its expiration date for the next calendar year. The renewal fee is $20.00. 

Other Licenses, fees, and information:

Liquor License to sell alcoholic beverages 

The Board of Trustees of the Town of Eaton shall be known as the “Local Licensing Authority.” The Local Licensing Authority shall have all the power and authority granted to local licensing authorities by the state liquor laws. Liquor license means any license or permit required by the state liquor laws. State liquor laws means Title 44, Articles 3, 4 and 5, C.R.S., as amended and the rules and regulations adopted thereunder by the Colorado Liquor Licensing Authority and the Colorado Department of Revenue. All applications for liquor licenses shall be filed with the Town Clerk. The application shall be submitted on the state license application form and shall be filled out and completed in all material details. Incomplete application forms shall be rejected. Be advised to obtain and read a copy of the State of Colorado Liquor and Beer Codes and Regulations, which can be found at: 

Building Permits

Building permits are issued by the Town Clerk's office. The Town of Eaton contracts with Procode Inc. for all inspections. The Inspection line for Procode Inc. is 970-305-3161. Additional inspection information can be found on their website at

Street Vendor Permits

Permits for street vendors are required within the Town limits. Please see the ordinance and resolution below for more information. A copy of the permit is available as well and can be returned to our Town Clerk, for processing, along with a payment of $25.