The Finance Department is a part of the Town Administrator’s Office. They oversee financials for the town, including expenditures and the Annual Budget.  

The Eaton Town Board is committed to fostering trust through transparency as one of their key strategic pillars. One of the ways the Town is actively sharing information is by publishing financial information about the community and Town each month through a monthly newsletter. 

Finance Newsletters


Annual Budget

See our Annual Budget to learn about our expenditures and revenues and how funds are organized.

2024 Annual Budget

2024 Mill Levy

2023 Budget Presentation, Resolution, and Documents

2023 Eaton Housing Authority Budget

2022 Annual Budget

2021 Annual Budget


Want a paired-down version? Check out our 2023 Budget Brief! 

2023 Budget Brief



Town of Eaton Audit 2022

Town of Eaton Audit 2020

Town of Eaton Audit 2019


Eaton Housing Authority Audit 2019

Eaton Housing Authority Audit 2020


Sales Tax

On January 1, 2024, sales tax is increasing to 4%, a voter-approved initiative, by 1% to finance improvements for Street purposes. Colorado Department of Revenue issues sales tax licenses and collections for the Town. Please refer to the State's website for online services at or