Xcel Energy - Transmission Lines and Information

Xcel Energy provides energy and power for the Town of Eaton. One of Xcel's newest projects involves installing a transmission line to improve reliability and service. The route of the transmission line travels through Eaton Commons Park. 

The Town negotiated the following terms in regard to this project: 

  • Upon completion of the project, Xcel shall monitor the electromagnetic field (EMF’s) for a period of five years and provide an annual report each year to the Town. The monitoring report shall include measurements from three separate locations in Eaton Commons Park.
  • Within 30 days of the execution of the settlement agreement, Xcel shall provide information from two reputable independent parties on EMF safety; a paired sales analysis of the impact of high voltage transmission lines on neighboring residential property values; and a copy of Xcel’s agricultural mitigation plan associated with the project.

Additionally, terms were included for park improvements and park landscaping. 

8/1/23 Update: Construction on the Northern Colorado Area Plan (NCAP) will begin the end of July/early August. This includes a substation and construction work within Eaton. Initial efforts include installing erosion and sediment controls, installing or enhancing access roads, and trimming vegetation. Foundation work and tower erection will follow in the late summer/early fall. Transmission line construction will proceed through mid-2024, and substation work should conclude later in the year. Visit xcelenergynortherncoloradoareaplan.com for more information.

8/25/23 Update: Click here for information on a EMF virtual public meeting hosted by Xcel with a live-streamed option available at the Eaton Public Library.