How to Pay Court Fines

Defendants may pay their assessed fines anytime before their scheduled court date. If a fine amount is indicated on the face of your summons, you may send in that fine in lieu of court appearance. However, is there is no fine indicated on the face of the summons, this requires an appearance in court on your designated court date. if you choose to mail in the fine, follow the instructions on the reverse of the summons you received. You must understand that paying the fine indicates your desire to plead guilty to the charge and no further hearings would be heard on your case. If the summons is for a violation of the Model Traffic Code, a report of the conviction would be entered an points assess against your driver's license.

Fines may be paid by the following methods:

  • Check or Money Order made payable to the Eaton Municipal Court and mailed to 224 1st St. Eaton, CO 80615
  • Payments may be made in person at the Eaton Police Department
  • All major credit and debit cards are accepted 
  • To make an online payment or pay by electronic check, please click here     *NOTE: By making an online payment there is a service fee of .75 + 2.25% of the citation. For Example: A citation with a total of $180.00 would be $184.82. There is also a fee of $1.00 to pay by electronic check. Please make sure to account for all late fees and/or payment plan fees if you are paying past your citations due date. To find out the exact amount on a citation please call (970) 454-2212 opt. 1.

All Payments must be made payable to the Eaton Municipal Court, 224 1st Street, Eaton, Colorado 80615. To assure proper credit, please enclose a copy of your summons with the payment. Any check or electronic check that is issued to the Court for assessed fines that is returned as non-sufficient funds or account closed will result in a warrant for your arrest and possible new charges of check fraud.