Letter from Mayor Moser to Weld County Board of Commissioners

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Dear Weld County Commissioners,  

Re: 2nd Reading of PUD Ordinance 2023-18  


Once again, I'd like to thank you on behalf of the Town of Eaton for your continued commitment to update the coordinated planning agreements across the County. These are important documents that share the collective vision for the future of development within municipal urban growth areas. We are also appreciative of the County's efforts on April 11 to gather its municipal partners to discuss land use cooperation and property rights.  The Town is proud of our agricultural roots, and we support our neighbors and friends who are farmers and ranchers in and around our community. The proposed revision to the County PUD zone districts and process does not alter the existing rights to farm. Instead, it provides clarity around the community development review process and further clarifies where urban scale development makes sense. The Town supports the County's desire to remove the PUD process from their land development code. Urban scale development that benefits from municipal services should be concentrated in and near existing municipalities that can provide those services. The Town of Eaton appreciates our collaborative relationship with Weld County, and we look forward to continuing our coordinated land management practices that protect the health, safety, and prosperity of our communities and all Weld County residents. 



Mayor Scott Moser