About Us

Library Vision and Mission

The Eaton Public library will be recognized as a resource center for print, media, and electronic materials as well as a technology center where equipment, support and information sources are provided.

The mission of the Eaton Public Library is to provide professional library services and resources to meet the evolving educational, recreational, and informational needs of the public in an historical setting.

Affiliation with Other Libraries
The Eaton Public Library is a Member of the High Plains Library District, which includes: District Branch Libraries: Farr Regional, Centennial Park, Lincoln Park, Erie, Linc, Carbon Valley Regional, Riverside Branch and Outreach/Bookmobile Member Libraries: Eaton Public Library, Northern Plains Public Library (Ault), Platteville Public Library, Fort Lupton Public and School Library, Hudson Public Library, Glenn A. Jones Memorial Library (Johnstown), and Keenesburg Public Library

Resource sharing is an important component in this affiliation. Materials are shared among District libraries via a courier service. The Eaton Library actively participates in the resource sharing of all types of materials in order to obtain resources of interest to local patrons and share resources with other residents of the District. Items are checked out to patrons based upon lending policies of the owning library. Fees for damaged or lost materials are assessed by the owning library per its policies. However, overdue fines are assessed based upon the item’s checkout location.

Patron Conduct Policy

The Patron Conduct Policy has been established by the Library Board to promote an environment that welcomes all people in the community.  Patrons shall behave in a manner that will not disrupt others’ use of the Library collections, space, and services including off-site events and programs. 
The Library reserves the right to deny service to anyone whose actions interfere with the normal operation of the Library or whose actions are unlawful, violate, or restrict the rights of others to use the Library. 
Library Staff are empowered to exercise reasonable judgement in assessing and enforcing Patron Conduct Policy. Enforcement may include verbal warning, revocation of Library privileges, and removal and/or suspension from the Library. Examples of improper behavior or conditions include but are not limited to: 

  • Committing or attempting to commit any activity that constitutes a violation of federal, state or local criminal law, statute or ordinance.
  • Disorderly conduct, harassment, verbal abuse, foul language, lack of civility or bullying of, against or toward Library staff, volunteers and/or patrons of the Library.
  • Damaging property, including intentional misuse or negligence.
  • Smoking, vaping, and any use of tobacco or marijuana products.
  • Consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs, or being under their influence.
  • Consumption of food and beverage outside of designated areas.
  • Lying down or sleeping in the Library.
  • Use of scooters, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, skate shoes or similar devices. No bicycles, grocery carts or bulky items that take up excessive space shall be brought inside the building.
  • Use of public bathrooms for public bathing, washing clothes or other hygiene related tasks.
  • Failure to wear shoes, shirts and appropriate clothing inside the Library at all times, in accordance with state and local decency laws.
  • Commercial solicitation, petitioning, peddling and other interactions in pursuit of selling goods, services or entreating. Free speech activities are permitted outside of the Library at least ten (10) feet from the entrance provided they don’t create a dangerous condition, interfere with normal access, damage property or create an unnecessary maintenance expense for the Library.
  • Viewing, in plain sight, materials which are inappropriate to the surroundings including potential passersby. Unlawful display of sexually explicit materials harmful to children as identified in CRS § 18-7-502.
  • Library staff reserves the right to:
    • Inspect knapsacks, bags or other containers.
    • Remove any knapsacks, bags or other containers that have been left unattended.
    • Ask patrons to clean up any area of food, trash, belongings or odor producing items.
    • Ask patrons to relocate if they are blocking or constricting traffic flow of Library aisles, walkways, exits or entrances to the building.
    • Ask patrons to leave the building whose bodily hygiene or odor is inhibiting others’ use of the library. Upon resolution of the issue, the patron may return.
    • Limit the use of cell phones to discrete calls and the use of Library phones to include only short, local calls under Staff discretion.

Engaging in prohibited behavior in the Library may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges and/or suspension of the patron’s admittance to the building and grounds. Such suspension and/or denial of services may be in addition to any applicable criminal or civil charges and penalties.  

  • Library staff may call the police for assistance.
  • The nature and seriousness of the rule or policy violation will determine the length of suspension and any conditions for reinstatement.
  • Aggravating circumstances, even for a first offense, may result in a longer period of suspension.
  • The Library will abide by and cooperatively implement Trespass orders, suspensions or other restrictions on an individual imposed by court order.
  • Any patron aggrieved by an action to suspend the use of the facility or borrowing privileges may appeal the action by filing with the Library Director a statement in writing setting forth the reason(s) such patron believes the suspension or action is improper within thirty (30) days. 
  • The Library Director will supply a written decision within thirty30) days of receiving an appeal. To appeal the Library Director’s decision regarding the suspension or action, the patron shall file a written request for an appeal, stating the grounds for appeal, and such written request shall be filed with the Library Director no later than thirty (30) days after the Library Director’s response is sent to the patron making the written objection. The Library Board will then review the appeal, the Director’s written response to the patron making the appeal, and any supporting materials at their next regular meeting or the meeting following that meeting if the Board determines it has not had sufficient time to review all submitted materials. During the Library Board meeting at which the appeal will be considered, both the patron initiating the objection and Library Staff will be afforded an opportunity to present their respective positions concerning the appeal to the Library Board, but there shall be no witness testimony. The Library Board shall render its decision at the next Library Board meeting following the hearing. The suspension or action shall stand until a final decision is made or until the suspension or action expires.

Any patron who steals, attempts to steal, or damages or destroys Library material, furnishings, property or equipment shall be liable for repair, replacement, processing and any other associated costs. Any person who takes, without complying with the appropriate check-out procedures, or who willfully retains any property belonging to any publicly-supported library for thirty days after receiving notice in writing to return the same, given after the expiration of the time that by the rules of such institution such property may be kept, or who mutilates such property commits a class 3 misdemeanor and shall be punished as provided in section 18-1.3-501, C.R.S. In addition, criminal charges, suspension of borrowing privileges and/or denial of admittance to the building for a period of time may also be imposed. The suspension of borrowing privileges and/or admittance to the building may be extended until the Library is reimbursed for the lost or damaged property. 
The Library does not prohibit the open carry of firearms in its facilities, provided that the person is otherwise not in violation of state, federal or other laws concerning weapons. As according to law, the Library recognizes the right to concealed carry of a weapon if the person has a permit.  Library Staff will contact the police concerning carrying of weapons or firearms if in their judgment there is a perceived level of risk or suspected violation of the law. The Library abides by any local ordinances concerning weapons and will contact the police when there is a suspected violation. 

Patrons have the right to bring concerns, complaints and suggestions to Library Staff, Administration, or the Library Board.  

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