The Eaton Public Library has a notary on staff

The notary at the Eaton Public Library is the go-to notarial expert for the community. With their expertise, they provide valuable services such as verifying and authenticating important documents, ensuring legal compliance, and granting peace of mind. Whether you need a signature notarized for a contract, will, or any other document, the library's sole notary is there to make the process straightforward and convenient. Visit the Eaton Public Library's trusted notary for efficient and professional document certification services today.

Quick tips:

  • You can make all notary appointments with the front desk staff or via email at eplstaff [at]
  • An appointment is preferred but not required.
  • Please do NOT pre-sign the document
  • A government issued photo id is required for each signer

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us at (970) 454-2189